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Always lovely

Ainsley, 05 Apr 2020

Delivery can take a while but that’s down to the demand for the best takeaway in Ayr. Well worth the wait.

Richard, 30 Mar 2020

Best indian takeaway in ayrshire. We refuse to eat anywhere else

Louise, 28 Mar 2020

Wouldn't get a takeaway curry anywhere else

Dee, 26 Mar 2020

Amazing as always, so glad you're back from your holidays! :-D

Kevin, 14 Mar 2020

great value and food

Fiona, 31 Jan 2020

The very best!!

Claire, 28 Jan 2020

As usual excellent service and outstanding food, thank you all

Edward, 24 Jan 2020

As usual excellent service and outstanding food, thank you

Edward, 24 Jan 2020

Always order from Curry Leaf as the quality of the food is excellent. Great value for money too.

Janette, 17 Jan 2020


John, 11 Jan 2020

Very filling

Sean, 10 Jan 2020


superb munchybox as always

John Brackenridge, 04 Jan 2020


Best curry I've had in years

Jayson Mckay, 07 Dec 2019


Reece, 06 Dec 2019

when you pay for an additional side sauce for extra cheese as their isn't an option for extra cheese you end up with he same amount on your meal even though you pay for extra. Food is never hot either

Angela, 05 Dec 2019

  Reply : Hi Angela, We can only put so much cheese on our chips and cheese, our portions are quite big, that's why the option is not there. Yes,you paid for an extra dip to add extra cheese and you then received extra cheese too but we are sorry if it wasn't enough, we can only put whatever fits in a box In regards to food never being hot, that's not true at all. if that's truly the case then why would you be keep ordering and keep paying for cold meals?

delivered 1 hour earlier which was great

John, 25 Nov 2019

Great pakora and curries!

Pete, 25 Nov 2019

Best take away in Ayr. Good is always fantastic.

Sarah, 25 Nov 2019

didn't get the 10% discount for on-line order.

John, 22 Nov 2019

very good quality

Derek, 16 Nov 2019

Always fresh always tasty

Janice, 15 Nov 2019

Best curry takeaway in ayr, we have almost tired every curry from the menu Never been disappointed. Keep up the good work guys

John, 10 Nov 2019

Curry Leaf is our favourite take away in Ayr

Louise, 03 Nov 2019

Really good takeaway

Don, 01 Nov 2019

Best curry house in Ayrshire. They should open a restaurant, it would be better than the ones we have the now.

Chris, 21 Oct 2019